I am Logan Smith

Creative Designer & Developer With Over Eight Years Experience.

My passion for Design stemmed from the need of a logo for a successful Music blog I had created in 2008. Self-taught lessons eventually led to a College Diploma in Computer Graphic Design.

My freelance career started shortly after I had graduated from college. Along the way I was also working in local print shops, managing Design, Prepress and Digital Production. Working in the local shops taught me skills that you just can’t learn in college.

I’ve been operating Vixel Design since 2010, and since then have worked with over 300 amazing clients on over 1,800 unique projects!

Expressing my creativity is a daily need that requires fulfillment, always! I believe in creating trends, not following them.

I’ve been a Graphic Designer for just over 7 years, as of 2017. Fortunately in those 7 years I’ve had the chance to work with, and alongside, incredible people and clients. I’ve had the pleasure of working with local education institutions, international corporations, high-profile athletes, musicians, start-ups and small businesses!

Working with a wide range of clients has taught me that each situation is unique, and requires a brand new mind-set. This is the exact reason I love Graphic Design so much; Each project is so much different than the last – creative expression is never lacking!